Alguem ja conseguiu gravar um dado para um cd e depois recupera-lo, sem 
criar uma imagem iso intermediaria?
        No handbook tem este exemplo:

"       16.6.8 Burning Raw Data CDs

   You can choose to burn a file directly to CD, without creating an ISO 9660 
file system. Some
   people do this for backup purposes. This runs more quickly than burning a 
standard CD:

 # burncd -f /dev/acd1 -s 12 data archive.tar.gz fixate

   In order to retrieve the data burned to such a CD, you must read data from 
the raw device

 # tar xzvf /dev/acd1

   You cannot mount this disk as you would a normal CDROM. Such a CDROM cannot 
be read under any
   operating system except FreeBSD. If you want to be able to mount the CD, or 
share data with
   another operating system, you must use mkisofs(8) as described above.

        Porem nao estou tento exito em extrair a imagem:

bash-2.05b$ tar xvf /dev/acd0
tar: Error opening archive: (Empty error message)

        Alguem ja fez o teste?

        muito obrigado pela atencao


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