Gusmão wrote:

Como fazer para impedir que um usuário acesse um servidor em single user e 
altere a senha de root???

Uma referência sobre o assunto:

[1] 3.2.5 Single User Mode Console

A detailed description of what “single user mode” is can be found in Section 12.6.2. It is worth noting that there is only one console when you are running FreeBSD in single user mode. There are no virtual consoles available. The settings of the single user mode console can also be found in the /etc/ttys file. Look for the line that starts with console:

# name getty type status comments
# If console is marked "insecure", then init will ask for the root password
# when going to single-user mode.
console none unknown off secure

Note: As the comments above the console line indicate, you can edit this line and change secure to insecure. If you do that, when FreeBSD boots into single user mode, it will still ask for the root password.

Be careful when changing this to insecure. If you ever forget the root password, booting into single user mode is a bit involved. It is still possible, but it might be a bit hard for someone who is not very comfortable with the FreeBSD booting process and the programs involved.

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