On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 09:06:02PM +0000, PyTh3r wrote:
> funciona traquilamente , faça isso:
> vi /boot/defaults/loader.conf


É recomendável não alterar o /boot/defaults/loader.conf.

É melhor colocar as entradas que interessam no /boot/loader.conf. Veja o
começo do /boot/defaults/loader.conf:

# This is loader.conf - a file full of useful variables that you can
# set to change the default load behavior of your system. You should
# not edit this file!  Put any overrides into one of the
# loader_conf_files instead and you will be able to update these
# defaults later without spamming your local configuration information.

> e descomente mude de NO para YES a seguinte linha
> snd_via8233_load="NO" 
> para 
> snd_via8233_load="YES"

Ou seja, coloque 'snd_via8233_load="YES"' no /boot/loader.conf

Ricardo Campos Passanezi

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