On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 04:33:39PM -0300, Mauricio Hiroaki Shibata wrote:
> Pessoal,
>     Tem alguma configuração no clamav ou no amavis para que faça a varredura 
> dentro dos arquivos "zipados", ou .rar, ou qq outro arquivo compactado?
>     Já procurei isso mas não consegui obter exito...
> Valeu!!!
> Maurício Hiroaki 


Você tem os pré-requisitos do amavisd-new instalados?



file(1) utility is required, the most recent version is heartly recommended!
There are a number of security and robustness problems with earlier versions.
Use file(1) 4.06 or later to avoid it crashing upon seeing certain files
and to avoid possible control characters in its output.

Archive::Tar   (Archive-Tar-x.xx)
Archive::Zip   (Archive-Zip-x.xx) (1.14 or later should be used!)
Compress::Zlib (Compress-Zlib-x.xx)
Convert::TNEF  (Convert-TNEF-x.xx)
Convert::UUlib (Convert-UUlib-x.xxx) (1.05 or later, stick to new versions!)
MIME::Base64   (MIME-Base64-x.xx)
MIME::Parser   (MIME-Tools-x.xxxx) (latest version from CPAN - currently 5.415)
Mail::Internet (MailTools-1.58 or later have workarounds for Perl 5.8.0 bugs)
Net::Server    (Net-Server-x.xx)
Net::SMTP      (libnet-x.xx, ports/net/p5-Net) (>= libnet-1.16 for performance)
Digest::MD5    (Digest-MD5-x.xx) (2.22 or later)
IO::Stringy    (IO-stringy-x.xxx)
Time::HiRes    (Time-HiRes-x.xx) (use 1.49 or later, some older cause problems)
Unix::Syslog   (Unix-Syslog-x.xxx)
BerkeleyDB     with bdb library 3.2 or later (4.2 or later preferred)

The following external programs are used for decoding/dearchiving
if they are available:
  compress, gzip, bzip2, nomarch (or arc), lha, arj (or unarj), rar (or unrar),
  zoo, pax, cpio, lzop, freeze (or unfreeze or melt), ripole.

Ricardo Campos Passanezi

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