Patrick Tracanelli wrote:

>Como com UFS voce pode montar um FS dirty e depois limpa-lo, mesmo
>montado, com COW (Copy On Write) e CL (Clean Live File System), acredito
>que o background FSCK resolva isso.

Estive acompanhando a thread... apenas para complementar houve uma 
modificação no 6.0-release e no 7.0-current com relação a isso:

Recomputing the summary information for “dirty” UFS and UFS2 file 
systems is no longer done at mount time, but is now done by background 
fsck(8). This change improves the startup speed when mounting large file 
systems after a crash. The prior behavior can be restored by setting the 
vfs.ffs.compute_summary_at_mount sysctl variable to a non-zero value.

Rainer Alves

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