Desculpem o cross-posting. O alerta abaixo, postado na lista
freebsd-ports refere-se a uma mudança na estrutura dos ports
do PHP e seus dependentes, que disponibilizará o PHP 5.1 na
árvore de ports e cria um novo (e independente) port do pear.
O commit será feito em breve, caso ninguém reporte graves

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Subject:        [HEADS UP] PHP and PEAR updates and changes
Date:   Fri, 09 Dec 2005 10:57:16 +0100
From:   Alex Dupre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
CC:     Antonio Carlos Venancio Junior <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Thierry Thomas 

Hello all PHP addicted people,
many of you in the recent past days asked me "When PHP 5.1 will hit the 
tree? I really need it!" and my reply was "When I can commit the update 
without breaking all the pear ports :-)".
Now I'm ready to do it. I've removed the pear bootstrap code from the 
php ports and created a new independent pear port. This means a massive 
change to the pear infrastructure and obviously on all pear modules ports.
Thierry Thomas greatly helped me in testing the new system and discover 
the bugs, thanks!
Once the new pear system hit the tree, I will update php5 to 5.1.1 release.
You can check out:
1) the new pear port
2) the massive diff to pear related ports
3) the changes to php4 and php5 ports
   (use of along with the update to 5.1.1)
and tell me ASAP if you have *very strong* motivations to delay the 
commit (i.e. serious regressions to the current ports tree).
"I tried it and it works great!" is also appreciated ;-)
The pear changes (1 + 2) have been tested with php 4.1.1, 5.0.5 and 
5.1.1. If you don't use pear but you like to test the PHP update you can 
download only the third .gz (3).

Alex Dupre
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