Dica de ferramenta GUI para administração das regras do pf. Está no ports.

Port:   pfpro-0.1.1
Path:   /usr/ports/net-mgmt/pfpro
Info:   Cross-platform GUI fat client for PF

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About PfPro

PfPro combines Java and XML to provide a graphical inteface for creating 
and maintaining firewall configurations for OpenBSD's PF firewall 
system. This firewall system has recently been ported to FreeBSD and 
NetBSD as well.

Doesn't sound very efficient? Well, that's not my goal.

My goal is to produce a best-effort platform-independent firewall 
utility. Java runs on a number of platforms, including embedded devices. 
If one day a secure way for managing firewalls remotely with embedded 
devices can be found, I could die happy. By using XML, configurations 
can be verified efficiently (by check via DTD) and possibly translated 
to other firewalling systems (like IPChains, via XSLT). One day I would 
like PfPro to be able to handle configurations for various firewall 
platforms through a consistent interface.


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