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6.2.5 Firefox
Firefox is the next-generation browser based on the Mozilla codebase. Mozilla 
is a complete suite of applications, such as a browser, a mail client, a chat 
client and much more. Firefox is just a browser, which makes it smaller and 
faster. Install the package by typing:
# pkg_add -r firefox
You can also use the Ports Collection if you prefer to compile from source code:
# cd /usr/ports/www/firefox
# make install clean

Note: pkg_add(1) will download the latest version of your application if you 
are using FreeBSD-CURRENT or FreeBSD-STABLE. If you run a -RELEASE version, it 
will grab the version of the package that was built with your release. It is 
possible to change this behavior by overriding the PACKAGESITE environment 
variable. For example, if you run a FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE system, by default 
pkg_add(1) will try to fetch packages from If 
you want to force pkg_add(1) to download FreeBSD 5-STABLE packages, set 


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> All,
> Para instalar o "Firefox", como é que descubro o "nome" do pacote para
> passar para o comando "pkg_add"?
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