Welington F.J wrote:
> Parece q o cpu1 não sendo usado, isso começou acontecer depois que
> atualizer de 5.4 para 5.5-PRERELEASE. Processador Xeon 3.0 HT

# sysctl machdep.hyperthreading_allowed=1

"Because of an information disclosure vulnerability on processors using
Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT), the machdep.hyperthreading_allowed
sysctl variable has been added. It defaults to 1 (HTT enabled) on
FreeBSD CURRENT, and 0 (HTT disabled) on the 4-STABLE and 5-STABLE
development branches and supported security fix branches. More
information can be found in security advisory FreeBSD-SA-05:09.htt."

Rainer Alves

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