desculpem o cross-posting, mas quem pretende colaborar com algum $$$,
tem aqui uma boa opcao.

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Subject: Pre-orders for our releases.

>I would like to remind our community that our project lives and
> breathes because of the sale of CDs and the receipt of donations.  In
> the last few years a few very large donations have allowed our
> hackathons to happen, but other than that we are always digging
> ourself a bigger and bigger hole.
> Most of our user community increases their use of the FTP servers,
> while we naturally sell fewer CDs.  For instance, I would approximate
> that the sale of every T-shirt we make probably does not pay for the
> electricity used in the machine room.  It's about $5000 a year.
> This is placing a severe strain on our ability to toss money at
> projects.  For instance, we want to hold more mini-hackathons, since
> they are so incredibly productive.  And we would like to pay for more
> travel expenses for developers to these events, since there are always
> developers who are less fortunate.
> Yet almost all of our donations really do come from individuals, and
> almost none from companies using our software.  Even though there are
> many many companies doing so.  Some companies are small, but there are
> also quite large ones.  And banks.  Government institutions.  Ones you
> see in the news every day.  And operating system vendors who reuse our
> code.
> But financially we are under strain, and it is not letting us grow any
> of our bigger plans.  If anyone has any real clout to make changes
> within institutions that could help us in the long term, please do.
> Like universities, or even companies that want to sponsor an entire
> hackathon.
> (But please do not send suggestions, because unfortunately we think we
> have heard every single one of them before, and people never listen
> when we say that it is not viable for us to play non-profit games, nor
> selling special merchandise, nor will it help to hire people to write
> special books.  We've heard all these ideas before.  Having us impliment
> more ideas does not help.  It's time for outsiders to impliment things
> which just let us continue what we do).
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