Hi folks!
We're still alive and working for the next FreeSBIE Release.
I just published the torrent for an amd64 ISO image. It has many more
packages than any other ISO previously released. The Xfce Look has
been somehow customized but still a lot of work needs to be done.
I hope any of you with an amd64 system will test the ISO and send
feedback to this list. You want a great FreeSBIE Release, dont't you?

The ISO image is based on today RELENG_6_1 branch, as it was around
14.00 CEST while the packages are from the "." branch of the ports
tree, as it was on Sunday April 9th at 12.00 UTC.

The torrent file can be downloaded from torrent.freesbie.org:

Dario will release an i386 ISO really soon.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Have fun
Marcello Costa
BSD System Engineer
unixmafia at yahoo dot com dot br

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