On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 12:07:06PM -0500, Brian McCann wrote:
> I've got an urgent problem that needs fixing...and i'm stuck.  One of
> the admins on one of our servers decided to delete the /var/db/pkg
> directory.  I tried rebuilding it using pkfdb -Fu, and it returned
> nothing.  Is there a way to recover from this...aside from backups?

pkgdb -Fu scans the contents of /var/db/pkg to build its package

Either use your backups, or re-install all of the ports you've got on
that machine.  However, that's harder to do than it sounds, as
/var/db/pkg is what would be consulted to see exactly what ports
are installed on the machine.

On the plus side, losing /var/db/pkg doesn't affect the day to day
operation of the system, so you can repair this at your leisure.
Perhaps delegate the job of working out what ports were installed on
that box to the admin who broke it, as an object lesson in the
consequences of being too quick with the rm(1) command...



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