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completamente trêbado:

> Mas enfim, reduzir o linux a um copy+paste do minix e'  complicado,
> ate' porque
> desde a versao 1.x ele ja tinha sido _todo_ re-escrito. O minix apenas
> serviu de
> apoio, start pro linus e dali em diante, foi-se embora sozinho...

na própria página do minix-3 há um desmentido a isso, do próprio

:==== quote
Linus has been accused of stealing Linux from MINIX. Is that true?
No. Absolutely not. Ken Brown of the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
wrote a report, funded in part by Microsoft, claiming that Linus stole
Linux from MINIX. Brown's conclusion was that companies should not use Linux 
because the ownership of the intellectual property rights is unclear. This is 
complete garbage. While it is most unlikely that a 21-year-old student would 
have been capable of writing his own operating system had he not had the 
complete source code for a similar operating system available to use, study and 
modify, Linus wrote the initial version of the Linux code himself. The Brown 
report and a response from the creator of MINIX was discussed in detail on 
:==== unquote

tá lá, no FAQ: http://www.minix3.org/doc/faq.html

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