Enlightenment DR17 support in the ports tree
Contact: Stanislav Sedov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 

Integration of the new innovative e17 window manager into the ports tree
is almost completed. A lot of new e17-related applications was ported,
all old ports were updated to the latest stable cvs snapshot. The
special framework (bsd.efl.mk) was created to support the whole thing
and simplify the creation of dependent ports. I'll commit the changes in
the days before the ports freeze.

Thanks to Sergey Matveychuk (sem@) for providing a machine to place CVS
snapshots on. Without his help it will be impossible.

Open tasks:
     1. Port Entrance (xdm-like app, but very appealing).
     2. Port Net and Wlan e17 module.
     3. Develop FreeBSD-specific e17 apps/modules to use The Ports
        Collection, system configs, etc.

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