Author: cazfi
Date: Sun Jan 25 06:36:14 2015
New Revision: 27826

Added information about how Max_Trade_Routes effects limit only establishing 
new routes
to Economy section of the help.

Based on anonymous report

See bug #23074


Modified: branches/S2_5/data/helpdata.txt
--- branches/S2_5/data/helpdata.txt     (original)
+++ branches/S2_5/data/helpdata.txt     Sun Jan 25 06:36:14 2015
@@ -626,7 +626,10 @@
 more, the trade route with the smallest ongoing revenue is canceled if \
 it would be less than the new route. (Otherwise, the origin civilization \
 can still gain initial revenue by entering the marketplace and selling \
-trade goods, but it is reduced to a third.)\
+trade goods, but it is reduced to a third.) \
+The maximum number of trade routes is forced only when attempting to \
+establish a new ones. If you temporarily lose the ability to establish \
+as many trade routes as city already has, existing ones are not affected.\
 "), _("\
 Beware: in rulesets where plague is enabled, it can travel \
 along trade routes. See the section on Plague for more details.\

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