Author: cazfi
Date: Mon Jan 26 06:05:16 2015
New Revision: 27843

Updated ruleset directory list in README.rulesets

See patch #5744


Modified: trunk/doc/README.rulesets
--- trunk/doc/README.rulesets   (original)
+++ trunk/doc/README.rulesets   Mon Jan 26 06:05:16 2015
@@ -56,7 +56,8 @@
 The ruleset files in the data directory are user-editable, so you can
 modify them to create modified or custom rulesets (without having to
 recompile Freeciv). It is suggested that you _don't_ edit the 
-existing files in the "default", "classic", "civ1" and "civ2"
+existing files in the "civ2civ3", "classic", "experimental",
+"multiplayer", "alien", "civ1", or "civ2"
 directories, but rather copy them to another directory and edit the
 copies. This is so that its clear when you are using modified rules
 and not the standard ones.

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