Author: sveinung
Date: Wed Mar  4 11:57:39 2015
New Revision: 28401

Xaw client: Disable the correct action selection button when unable to move.

The code that is supposed to set the keep moving action selection button to
insensitive when a regular move / attack is impossible referred to the
capture units button in stead. This caused the keep moving button to always
be sensitive and the capture units button to be insensitive in situations
were capture units is possible.

Fix the reference so it refers to the keep moving action selection button.

See bug #23344


Modified: trunk/client/gui-xaw/action_dialog.c
--- trunk/client/gui-xaw/action_dialog.c        (original)
+++ trunk/client/gui-xaw/action_dialog.c        Wed Mar  4 11:57:39 2015
@@ -989,7 +989,7 @@
   if (!(unit_can_move_to_tile(actor_unit, target_tile, FALSE)
       || (is_military_unit(actor_unit) || is_attack_unit(actor_unit))
       || (can_unit_bombard(actor_unit) && !is_ocean_tile(target_tile)))) {
-    XtSetSensitive(XtNameToWidget(diplomat_dialog, "*button14"), FALSE);
+    XtSetSensitive(XtNameToWidget(diplomat_dialog, "*button15"), FALSE);

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