Author: cazfi
Date: Wed Apr 29 22:05:11 2015
New Revision: 28959

Allow missiles to attack air units in civ2civ3 ruleset.

Patch by David Fernandez <bardo>

See patch #5997


Modified: trunk/data/civ2civ3/units.ruleset
--- trunk/data/civ2civ3/units.ruleset   (original)
+++ trunk/data/civ2civ3/units.ruleset   Wed Apr 29 22:05:11 2015
@@ -2068,6 +2068,7 @@
 uk_shield     = 1
 uk_food       = 0
 uk_gold       = 1
+targets       = "Air", "Missile", "Helicopter"
 flags         = "OneAttack", "AirAttacker", "CityBuster", "HasNoZOC"
 roles         = ""
 helptext      = _("\

Modified: trunk/doc/README.ruleset_civ2civ3
--- trunk/doc/README.ruleset_civ2civ3   (original)
+++ trunk/doc/README.ruleset_civ2civ3   Wed Apr 29 22:05:11 2015
@@ -650,12 +650,13 @@
   end out of a city or airbase.
 - Helicopters can carry 1 infantry unit, and can only be attacked by
-  Fighters (with no extra attack bonuses).
+  Fighters (with no extra attack bonuses), and by Missiles.
+- Cruise Missile no longer cause unhappiness, range increased to 16,
+  and allowed to attack Air units.
 - Nuclear weapons can be built with Nuclear Fission, but you need
   Advanced Flight to move them, and Rocketry to get max movement.
-  Increased range of Cruise Missiles to 16, and they no longer cause
-  unhappiness.
 - Readjusted many costs so units with better stats are always more
   expensive. At the same time, modern units always get better ratio
@@ -945,8 +946,8 @@
   attacked by Fighters (with no extra attack bonuses).
 - Increased fuel of all Air units by one, in order to allow battles for
   air control. All Air unit lose 10% of HPs, like helicopters, when they
-  end out of city or airbase. Increased range of Cruise Missile to 16,
-  so it is greater than movement of Stealth Fighters.
+  end out of city or airbase. Cruise Missile allowed to attack Air units,
+  and increased range to 16.
 - Zones of Control are not imposed by non-military units (Small Land and
   Merchant classes) nor by Air units or Missiles, so they do not affect
   the movements of enemy units.

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