Author: cazfi
Date: Sun Jun 21 23:02:47 2015
New Revision: 29173

Documented project defition file

See patch #6098


Modified: trunk/bootstrap/freeciv.project
--- trunk/bootstrap/freeciv.project     (original)
+++ trunk/bootstrap/freeciv.project     Sun Jun 21 23:02:47 2015
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
+# Default metaserver URL
 # We want default MODPACK_LIST_URL constructed compile time, so not giving

Modified: trunk/doc/README.packaging
--- trunk/doc/README.packaging  (original)
+++ trunk/doc/README.packaging  Sun Jun 21 23:02:47 2015
@@ -22,6 +22,9 @@
   can be compiled in to freeciv by configuring with --with-tinycthread.
 * libicu is a new hard requirement
 * Minimum gettext version is now 0.15
+* Support for project definition file added for freeciv forks to define for
+  themselves. This has obsoleted old --with-modlist configure option.
+  See chapter "Project definition file" below.
 Compatibility of modified versions
@@ -43,6 +46,17 @@
 FREECIV_DISTRIBUTOR in fc_version to match. This information is sent
 by client to (public) server so in case there's any problems with certain
 clients, we know a bit more what kind of code they are using.
+Project definition file
+Project definition file contains information about the project
+infrastructure, needed at freeciv build time. The default project
+file of the freeciv project itself is bootstrap/freeciv.project.
+Comments on that default file document the contents of such a
+project definition file. Once you have made definition file for a
+freeciv fork project, you can build freeciv using it by giving
+configure option --with-project-definition=<file.project>
 Announcement of new versions

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