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Date: Mon Oct 12 17:00:41 2015
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Load experimental ruleset description from the README.

See patch #6405

      - copied unchanged from r30054, trunk/doc/README.ruleset_experimental

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        nations.ruleset \
        techs.ruleset   \
        terrain.ruleset \
-       units.ruleset
+       units.ruleset   \
+       README.experimental
 EXTRA_DIST = $(pkgdata_DATA)

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 ; Detailed description
-; description = ""
+description = *experimental/README.experimental*

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        README.rulesets         \
        README.scorelog         \

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-                   Experimental Freeciv Ruleset
-This ruleset tries to use the new features available in freeciv that
-are not yet in use in default rulesets. It is based on the classic ruleset.
-The changes can be extracted by
-#> diff -ur data/classic/ data/experimental/
-If the changes in this ruleset result in a working game (especially with
-regard to the AI) they could be included in the default ruleset for next
-major release.
-If you change the experimental ruleset, please include a short comment in
-this file.
-1. Changes compared to the classic ruleset
-   ---------------------------------------
-- Plagues are activated. Temples, Aqueducts, Sewer Systems reduce the
-  chance of plague in a city, as do the new Hospital and Genetic Laboratory
-  buildings. The effect of Aqueducts is reduced after Industrialization
-  is discovered. Building the wonder 'Cure for Cancer' further reduces
-  the possibility of plague for your entire empire.
-- The Genetic Laboratory increases the food output by 25% if the city
-  size exceeds 20.
-- Migration is activated and locked by the ruleset. Migration effects for
-  the different governments are defined; cities belonging to more
-  representative governments are more attractive for cross-border migration.
-- After The Corporation is researched, the upkeep for most modern military
-  units (Riflemen onwards) is changed from shields to gold, and cities
-  no longer maintain any such units for free, regardless of government.
-  Gold upkeep for units is tallied empire-wide (unlike buildings), and if
-  funds run out, random units are disbanded.
-- A new unit class Big Land is introduced, comprising all "siege" units
-  (Catapult, Cannon etc) and Freight. Units of this type are restricted
-  to flat terrain and cannot move into difficult terrain such as hills
-  and forest, unless roads are built; nor can they ride maglevs (they
-  ride the railroad instead).
-  Freight does not obsolete Caravan so player does not lose ability
-  to build units to establish traderoutes to remote cities.
-- Triremes can move on rivers (but later ships cannot).
-- Mech. Inf. can carry up to 3 missile units (including while they
-  themselves are being transported on a boat).
-- Workers and Engineers (but not Settlers) have their own veteran system.
-  Every turn when they do useful work, there is a small chance that they
-  will be promoted. They will never be promoted through combat.
-  The levels and their effect on terrain alteration speed are:
-  apprentice (1x) -> journeyman (1.25x) -> master (1.5x)
-- Activate variable city radii:
-    radius 1 (radius_sq =  2): start
-    radius 2 (radius_sq =  5): city size 3
-    radius 3 (radius_sq = 10): city size 10 + Railroad
-    radius 4 (radius_sq = 17): city size 30 + Railroad + Mass Transit +
-                               Super Highway
-  The vision range of the city is adapted accordingly.
-  The city graphics from the tileset change with the city radius.
-- The number of build slots for units is increased at radius 3 and 4.
-- (Add and) Activate tech upkeep. Beyond a certain technology level, some
-  bulbs are required to maintain your civilization's existing knowledge,
-  and if not supplied, some techs may be lost. (However, technology is not
-  lost in this way during periods of Anarchy.)
-- Activate server setting 'foggedborders': your view of foreign borders is
-  not updated if you can't currently see the territory.
-- Activated 'techlost_recv' and 'techlost_donor': whenever technologies are
-  transferred between civilizations, there is a small chance that each of
-  the parties will forget the technology in question.
-- Most technologies have "root_req" requirements. This means that it is
-  not possible to acquire the technology by any means unless you already
-  possess its "root_req".
-- Citizens of the nationality city owner is in war with are extra unhappy.
-  Under most governments all such citizens, under Communism
-  and Republic one in every two citizens, and under Democracy one in
-  every three citizen is unhappy because of the war against their homeland.
-- Custom policy "Personal Freedom". You can trade off a science bonus
-  against extra unhappiness from your aggressive military units.
-- There's only two disaster types; Earthquake and Fire, and they both
-  can destroy a building from a city.
-- Each movement point is divided to 9 fragments instead of 3. IgTer, road,
-  and river moves costs have similarly changed to 3 fragments, so they are
-  still 1/3 (3/9) of a move. Movement along Railroad costs 1 fragment
-  (1/9 movement point), and infinite movement is provided by Maglev (but
-  not to Big Land units). You can build Maglevs alongside your Railroads
-  once you know Superconductors.
-- Partisan appearance does not depend on original builder of the city,
-  but number of citizen nationality. If at least 75% of the citizens are of
-  old owner's nationality, partisans can appear.
-- Paratroopers may paradrop to Transports on any oceanic tile.
-- Several achievements are enabled.
-- Some buildings accumulate culture
-- An explorer can establish an embassy to another player
-- Workers and Engineers can fortify
-- AI players get their traits randomly assigned from a limited range
-- Being part of a unit stack won't protect against spy actions.
-- Marco Polo's Embassy does not grant new connections, nor embassies, to 
-  one has never met. It grants embassy with already met players only.
-2. Use the new ruleset
-   -------------------
-To play a game with the experimental rules, start the server with:
-       ./fcser -r data/experimental.serv
-or a single player game with
-       ./freeciv-gtk3 -r data/experimental.serv
-(and any other command-line arguments you normally use)
-Start the client normally.  The client must be network-compatible
-(usually meaning the same or similar version) but otherwise nothing
-special is needed.
-Note that the Freeciv AI might not play as well with rules other
-than standard Freeciv.  The AI is supposed to understand and
-utilize all sane rules variations, so please report any AI
-failures so that they can be fixed.

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