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Date: Thu Oct 15 00:30:20 2015
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Load multiplayer ruleset description from the README.

See patch #6411

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+       units.ruleset   \
+       README.multiplayer
 EXTRA_DIST = $(pkgdata_DATA)

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 ; Detailed description
-; description = ""
+description = *multiplayer/README.multiplayer*

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-                   Multiplayer Freeciv Ruleset
-The 'multiplayer' ruleset is intended to rectify some game balance
-issues encountered on multiplayer servers with the classic ruleset.
-It is based on the 'rewonder' ruleset designed by Madeline Book for
-Freeciv 2.1.
-1. Changes compared to the classic ruleset
-   ---------------------------------------
-The differences can be extracted by
-#> diff -ur data/classic data/multiplayer
-Trade routes are disabled. (The Marco Polo's Embassy wonder provides
-an alternative way to increase trade; see below.)
-The cost of inciting a city to change hands has been greatly
-Units attacking with less than a full movement point get penalized because
-of their tiredness. Only the fragment of their normal attack strength
-equivalent to their movement point fragment is considered. If they have 2/3
-movement points, they will attack with 2/3 strength. If they have 1/3 movement
-points, they will attack with 1/3 strength.
-Wonder changes
-Almost all great wonders have been changed into small wonders; that
-is, they are player-unique rather than world-unique. Each player may
-build their own "Oracle", for example, or even move such small wonders
-around by rebuilding them in other cities. For small wonders that
-become obsolete, this happens only when the relevant technology is
-discovered by the owning player (rather than by any player).
-Unless otherwise noted, for these small wonders, all wonder effects
-that affect all of a player's cities have been changed to affect only
-cities on the same continent as the city with the small wonder. 
-For the Colossus, Copernicus' Observatory, Great Wall, Hoover Dam,
-King Richard's Crusade, Oracle, Shakespeare's Theater, Statue of
-Liberty, and Sun Tzu's War Academy, these are the only changes. Other
-now-small wonders have been adjusted or completely changed:
-- Apollo Program: Does not reveal the map.
-- A.Smith's Trading Co.: Costs 300 (was 400).
-- Darwin's Voyage: Costs 400 (was 300).
-- Eiffel Tower: You get one unit free of shield upkeep per city,
-  instead of "AI love".
-- Great Library: Reduces city corruption by 50%, instead of the
-  tech-parasite effect. Costs 200 (was 300) and never obsoletes (used
-  to be "Electricity").
-- Hanging Gardens: Just makes two citizens happy in each city on the
-  same continent. Costs 150 (was 200).
-- Isaac Newton's College: Costs 400 (was 300).
-- J.S. Bach's Cathedral: Costs 300 (was 400).
-- Leonardo's Workshop: Costs 300 (was 400). Upgrades two units per
-  turn (was one).
-- Lighthouse: No longer makes sea units veteran (justs add +1 movement).
-- Magellan's Expedition: Instead of the +2 move rate, it just makes
-  new sea units built on the same continent veteran.
-- Marco Polo's Embassy: Costs 400 (was 200). Instead of giving
-  embassies, it increases trade output by 40% on the continent.
-- Michelangelo's Chapel: Costs 300 (was 400).
-- Pyramids: Instead of giving the granary effect, it allows the city
-  where it is built to rapture grow.
-- SETI Program: Renamed to "The Internet".
-- Women's Suffrage: Costs 300 (was 600). Affects 2 and 4 citizens
-  under republic and democracy respectively (was 1 and 2).
-As for the remaining great wonders:
-- Cure For Cancer: Costs 400 (was 600), and makes two citizens happy
-  in every city owned by _any_ player who knows "Genetic Engineering".
-- Manhattan Project: No change.
-- United Nations: Instead of unit healing, gives the senate and
-  anarchy-from-disorder effects of Democracy to all nations,
-  regardless of government.
-Building changes
-- Colosseum: Renamed to "Amphitheater", and cost decreased to 60 (was 70).
-- Supermarket: Increases farmland tile food output by 100% (was 50%).
-- Police Station: Affects 2 and 4 unhappy citizens under Republic and
-  Democracy respectively (was 1 and 2).
-Government changes
-The Fundamentalism government is added. This is similar to the one in
-the civ2 ruleset, with following exceptions:
-- Food upkeep for Settlers is 3
-- Free unit upkeep is worth 10 shields in each city
-Technology changes
-- Philosophy gives a free tech to each player when they research it
-  (not just the first player).
-- Discovery of Environmentalism additionally knocks 50% off cities'
-  pollution from production.
-- Added Fundamentalism from the civ2 ruleset.
-Unit changes
-- Caravans and Freight cannot create trade routes.
-- Caravans cost 30 production (was 50); Freight remain at 50.
-- Elephants, Crusaders, and Fanatics added from the civ2 ruleset.
-Default settings
-The ruleset suggests some server setting changes, although these can
-be overridden. Notably, huts, barbarians, national borders, and
-diplomacy are all disabled, more initial units are given, and "fairer"
-map settings are used.
-2. Use the new ruleset
-   -------------------
-To play a game with the multiplayer rules, start the server with:
-       ./fcser -r data/multiplayer.serv
-or a single player game with
-       ./freeciv-gtk3 -r data/multiplayer.serv
-(and any other command-line arguments you normally use; depending on
-how you have Freeciv installed you may have to give the installed
-data directory path instead of "data")
-Start the client normally.  The client must be network-compatible
-(usually meaning the same or similar version) but otherwise nothing
-special is needed.
-Note that the Freeciv AI might not play as well with rules other
-than standard Freeciv.  The AI is supposed to understand and
-utilize all sane rules variations, so please report any AI
-failures so that they can be fixed.

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