Author: jtn
Date: Wed Jan 20 01:22:53 2016
New Revision: 31501

Document that trade routes give information about partner cities.

See gna bug #24205.


Modified: branches/S2_5/data/helpdata.txt
--- branches/S2_5/data/helpdata.txt     (original)
+++ branches/S2_5/data/helpdata.txt     Wed Jan 20 01:22:53 2016
@@ -612,15 +612,18 @@
 The origin civilization of the unit gains immediate revenue in gold \
 and science from selling its trade goods at the destination city. The \
 initial revenue depends on the trade already produced by the two \
-cities involved and their distance apart.\
+cities involved and their distance apart. The destination civilization \
+learns about the location of the origin city, if it is not already known.\
 "), _("\
 The ongoing trade route that is established benefits both its \
 origin and destination cities equally by generating trade points for \
 each city every turn. The amount of ongoing trade increases with the \
 size of each city and the distance between them, and may also depend on \
-the factors mentioned above. If a trade route ever becomes unsustainable \
--- for instance, if you acquire both cities in a ruleset without \
-domestic trade -- it may be permanently canceled.\
+the factors mentioned above. The trade relationship also gives each \
+civilization limited ongoing intelligence about the partner city. \
+If a trade route ever becomes unsustainable -- for instance, if you \
+acquire both cities in a ruleset without domestic trade -- it may be \
+permanently canceled.\
 "), _("\
 Each city can only support a limited number of trade routes (the exact \
 limit is set by ruleset and circumstance). If you attempt to establish \

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