Author: cazfi
Date: Sun Feb  7 08:58:58 2016
New Revision: 31798

Removed mention of the alien ruleset README from the ruleset summary.
Contents of the file is already automatically shown there, and the location
given was no longer true.

See patch #6905


Modified: trunk/data/alien/game.ruleset
--- trunk/data/alien/game.ruleset       (original)
+++ trunk/data/alien/game.ruleset       Sun Feb  7 08:58:58 2016
@@ -25,12 +25,11 @@
 ; Summary of the ruleset
 summary = _("\
-One of the design goals of this ruleset is that it has to \
+One of the design goals of this ruleset was that it has to \
 provide gameplay different from standard rules. Do not assume that any rules \
 you know from classic rules apply with this ruleset.\n\n\
-See, \
-doc/README.ruleset_alien under freeciv version control and \
- for ruleset info.\
+See and \
+ for additional ruleset info.\
 ; Detailed description

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