Author: sveinung
Date: Mon Feb 15 10:57:39 2016
New Revision: 31927

Document "Upgrade Unit" hard req info leaks.

Hard action requirements in is_action_possible() have a comment that
documents their information leak status. I forgot this when "Upgrade Unit"
became action enabler controlled.

See patch #6955


Modified: trunk/common/actions.c
--- trunk/common/actions.c      (original)
+++ trunk/common/actions.c      Mon Feb 15 10:57:39 2016
@@ -1367,7 +1367,17 @@
   if (wanted_action == ACTION_UPGRADE_UNIT) {
     /* Reason: Keep the old rules. */
-    /* Info leak: */
+    /* Info leak: The player knows his unit's type. He knows if he can
+     * build the unit type upgraded to. If the upgrade happens in a foreign
+     * city that fact may leak. This can be seen as a price for changing
+     * the rules to allow upgrading in a foreign city.
+     * The player knows how much gold he has. If the Upgrade_Price_Pct
+     * effect depends on information he don't have that information may
+     * leak. The player knows the location of his unit. He knows if the
+     * tile has a city and if the unit can exist there outside a transport.
+     * The player knows his unit's cargo. By knowing their number and type
+     * he can predict if there will be room for them in the unit upgraded
+     * to as long as he knows what unit type his unit will end up as. */
     if (unit_upgrade_test(actor_unit, FALSE) != UU_OK) {
       return TRI_NO;

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