Author: sveinung
Date: Wed May 11 11:12:42 2016
New Revision: 32661

sandbox: let the Leader scorch the earth.

Allow the Leader unit to do the action "Destroy City" to domestic cities.

Permit scorched earth by making it possible to completely destroy cites. Use
costs and limitations to balance it's power.

Only a Leader unit can destroy a city. It has to be in or adjacent to the
target city. This will often increase the risk that he is killed.

It is impossible to destroy foreign cities. A city must be therefore
conquered before it can be destroyed.

See patch #7204


Modified: trunk/data/sandbox/game.ruleset
--- trunk/data/sandbox/game.ruleset     (original)
+++ trunk/data/sandbox/game.ruleset     Wed May 11 11:12:42 2016
@@ -276,6 +276,9 @@
 ; /* TRANS: Explode _Nuclear (100% chance of success). */
 ui_name_explode_nuclear = _("Explode %sNuclear%s")
+; /* TRANS: Destroy _City (100% chance of success). */
+ui_name_destroy_city = _("Destroy %sCity%s")
 ; /* TRANS: Set _Home City (100% chance of success). */
 ui_name_home_city = _("Set %sHome City%s")
@@ -617,6 +620,31 @@
 actor_reqs    =
     { "type",   "name", "range", "present"
       "UnitFlag", "Nuclear", "Local", TRUE
+    }
+; The GameLoss unit requirement makes sending units on a suicide mission to
+; capture and destroy cities deep inside enemy terrain national suicide.
+; The risk of moving a GameLoss unit to the target city increases the cost
+; of the action. Rationalization for the requirement: the physical presence
+; of the Leader makes it easier to comply with the order to destroy the
+; city. (See the "orders by phone" Milgram experiment variation)
+; The domestic city requirement forces the player to invade a city before
+; he can destroy it. If this limit is weakened by allowing the destruction
+; of undefended (MaxUnitsOnTile) foreign cities during war it will lead to
+; situations where a player can destroy a city but is unable to occupy it.
+; Rationalization: the resistance must be crushed before the destruction.
+; TODO: create an international incident (set the Casus_Belli_Success
+; effect value to 1000) if "Destroy City" still is overpowered.
+action = "Destroy City"
+actor_reqs    =
+    { "type",         "name",          "range", "present"
+      "UnitFlag",     "GameLoss",      "Local", TRUE
+      "DiplRel",      "Is foreign",    "Local", FALSE
+      "MinMoveFrags", "1",             "Local", TRUE
+      "UnitState",    "OnLivableTile", "Local", TRUE

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