Author: cazfi
Date: Sat Jun 11 14:25:02 2016
New Revision: 32826

Corrected mentions of README.cma to refer to README.governor instead.

Additional instances of the problem reported by Jacob Nevins <jtn>

See bug #24650


Modified: trunk/data/helpdata.txt
--- trunk/data/helpdata.txt     (original)
+++ trunk/data/helpdata.txt     Sat Jun 11 14:25:02 2016
@@ -1803,7 +1803,7 @@
 encounter some difficulties with managing cities nearby, by hand. \
 It's best to manage all cities on an island either by hand or by \
 governor. Read more hints, some background information, and some \
-preset examples in the file README.cma, included with Freeciv.\
+preset examples in the file README.governor, included with Freeciv.\

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