Author: sveinung
Date: Thu Aug 11 23:23:42 2016
New Revision: 33568

webperimental: generate fair islands by default.

Set the map generator server setting's default to Fair islands.

See patch #7587


Modified: trunk/data/webperimental/game.ruleset
--- trunk/data/webperimental/game.ruleset       (original)
+++ trunk/data/webperimental/game.ruleset       Thu Aug 11 23:23:42 2016
@@ -67,6 +67,8 @@
 - Cities that know Flight can airlift one (light weight) unit per turn. An \
 Airport allows a city to airlift one more unit per turn.\n\
 - Default minimum distance between cities is 3.\n\
+- Default map generator is `Fair islands`. It generates identical start \
+position islands for all players.\n\
 This ruleset is still in development. If playing it makes you think that \
 a rule should change go to the Freeciv-web board at \
@@ -1068,4 +1070,5 @@
     "startunits", "ccwwxk", FALSE
     "killstack", "disabled", FALSE
     "citymindist", 3, FALSE
+    "generator", "FAIR", FALSE

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