Author: jtn
Date: Mon Oct  3 12:02:37 2016
New Revision: 33975

sandbox: Allow a city's outer workable tiles to be stolen, but not inner tiles.

See patch #7745.


Modified: branches/S2_6/data/sandbox/README.sandbox
--- branches/S2_6/data/sandbox/README.sandbox   (original)
+++ branches/S2_6/data/sandbox/README.sandbox   Mon Oct  3 12:02:37 2016
@@ -52,3 +52,8 @@
 Custom policy "Personal Freedom":
 You can trade off a science bonus against extra unhappiness from your
 aggressive military units.
+Border stealing:
+The workable tiles next to a city are permanently within the city
+owner's borders, once claimed. The outer workable tiles can be stolen
+by a city with greater influence.

Modified: branches/S2_6/data/sandbox/game.ruleset
--- branches/S2_6/data/sandbox/game.ruleset     (original)
+++ branches/S2_6/data/sandbox/game.ruleset     Mon Oct  3 12:02:37 2016
@@ -450,7 +450,7 @@
 ; If City_Radius_Sq is variable, so is the set of locked tiles; this is
 ; a squared value, so the radius of the ring of tiles which are workable
 ; but not locked (or vice versa) varies but the area is constant.
-radius_sq_city_permanent = 0
+radius_sq_city_permanent = -3
 ; Method of calculating technology costs

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