Author: jtn
Date: Fri Nov  4 00:51:32 2016
New Revision: 34375

Explain the 'quickening' revolentypes.

See gna patch #7921.


Modified: branches/S2_6/server/settings.c
--- branches/S2_6/server/settings.c     (original)
+++ branches/S2_6/server/settings.c     Fri Nov  4 00:51:32 2016
@@ -2172,7 +2172,10 @@
            N_("Way to determine revolution length"),
            N_("Which method is used in determining how long period of anarchy "
               "lasts when changing government. The actual value is set with "
-              "'revolen' setting."),
+              "'revolen' setting. The 'quickening' methods depend on how "
+              "many times any player has changed to this type of government "
+              "before, so it becomes easier to establish a new system of "
+              "government if it has been done before."),
            NULL, NULL, NULL, revolentype_name, GAME_DEFAULT_REVOLENTYPE)
   GEN_INT("revolen", game.server.revolution_length,

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