Author: cazfi
Date: Mon May  1 12:35:40 2017
New Revision: 35334

Update links to SDL/2 requirement packages in INSTALL

See hrm Feature #656476


Modified: trunk/INSTALL
--- trunk/INSTALL       (original)
+++ trunk/INSTALL       Mon May  1 12:35:40 2017
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
 This file describes how to compile and install Freeciv. Last time we
 made sure this file is up to date was 16-Jul-06.
-Last minor update was 02-Jan-17.
+Last minor update was 30-Apr-17.
 There may be a localized version of this file in the ./doc directory,
 named INSTALL.<locale> (e.g.,
@@ -289,22 +289,22 @@
    them to "SDL surfaces" that can be handled by the "SDL" library. You may
    obtain it at:
  - The "SDL2_gfx" library.
  - The "SDL2_ttf" library.
  - The "freetype" library.
    This library helps to render text for the SDL2 client, using an externally
    provided TrueType font. You may obtain it at:
 1d. Prerequisites for the Qt client:

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