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For: Freeciv 2.1 (svn revision 12321), probably works for all 2.x

If mysql was installed in a placed not checked by auth.m4, it would
fail to find mysql and auth would not work in the server. This patch
adds a configure option --with-mysql-prefix that allows the user to
set the directory mysql is installed in (e.g. /usr/local/mysql, the
default install location when installing mysql from sources). Of 
course this is only relevant if --enable-auth is passed to configure
as well.

This is a better version of a patch I made before (#19071). The changes
from that version are that if --with-mysql-prefix is used, auth.m4 will
check the given directory for mysql headers and libs. If the headers
or libs are not found, configure will stop with an error message.

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