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This patch requires my adns core patch (ticket #21635). It uses the
adns api to perform reverse name lookups on new server connections
(this prevents a hiccup in case gethostbyname stalls; this got fairly
annoying in big games with people popping in and out all the time :)).

- adns_id field added to struct connection; it is used by the server
  to keep track of the adns request for new connections (could be used
  by the client in the future too).
- added check for getpeername in configure.ac (needed for my_getpeername
- server_make_connection now only takes the socket fd as parameter and
  uses my_getpeername to get the address. This was done to harmonize
  server_make_connection with both ggz functions and the adns lookup
  done near the end of this function.
- my_getpeername: a portability wrapper around getpeername.

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