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> [jdorje - Thu May 04 04:46:12 2006]:
> > [s1kevin - Wed May 03 21:30:36 2006]:
> > 
> > I seem to remember that in the main configuration, I was able to force
> > the pop-up windows into tabs such as when I hit F1, the map screen was
> > replaced with the city list.  I made sure that none of the pop-up
> > checkboxes were checked except the one where the server operator sends a
> > message to the client.
> I don't follow.  Yes you can set an option to force popup windows
> (except city dialogs unfortunately) into tabs.  What is the issue?

It appears that the issue has been fixed in B2.  The problem was that
each time I tried to open a status tab (F1 - F6 for example), it created
a pop-up window.  It no longer does that.

Can someone please give me more permissions in RT so I can actually set
status to RESOLVED/FIXED and some other stuff when it makes sense to do
so?  I don't plan on mucking around with other people's bugs, but it
seems that I ought to be able to resolve my own bugs (ones that I reported).

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