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As a "frequent player", I believe I could contribute as tester.

I have some C++ background, could be useful for both testing and, should 
opportunities arise in the future, some coding.

Please create an account in your bugtracking system for me.
Name: Andrzej
Last: Szuksztul
Preferred login: szan

I already have a couple of reports, regarding freeciv 2.1.0 beta-2:

1. Hydro Plant, despite Help description, can just be built in cities 
with/nearby a river. Apparently, mountain neighbourhood does not have an 

2. "Players" window does not allow cancelling peace treaty for my civ.
Button "Cancel Treaty" is active (not disabled) but depressing it has null 
effect. My government: republic, counterpart gov.: communism (may be of 
importance here).

Thank you,

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