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> 'Helen Leonard' is not well known at all, and after much searching 
all I can
> discern is she is a modern figure, who had very little influence on 

If you refer to the Helen Leonard in


clearly she is a modern figure, who, regardless of the influence she 
may have had, never governed the country which in my eyes would 
disqualify her from the rulers' list.

> And I an't find any information on 'Edna Lyon'

I couldn't until I attached an -s, which led to


Again, never the government leader (unlike her husband), but a member 
of the cabinet.

> [...] If you wish [...] female figures [...]

I suppose this was indeed the purpose of including them.

> then please reply to this email and I will find the details of some
> notable women in Australian history (names escape me right at the 
> -Ryan
> (an Australian FreeCiv fan)

I think you'll agree to put Enid Lyons #1 on that list.  I have no idea 
whom to put #2 (if we leave Olympic medal winners out of it).

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