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> [emj - Wed Oct 25 10:09:34 2006]:
> I think this  is because, I goto an airunit onto a non-city/safe-tile.
> 1. Load the included save game
> 2. Use right mouse button to select all the units in  Genova
> 3. use Goto to place them somewhere (not in a city)
> .....Crash
> I post this because I would like someone to test this on something
> other than MacOSX
I reproduced the crash with the posted sav file. This is of course due
to the much reported issue of goto being broken for air units. Seems
the mastermind behind the pf code forgot to take into account the
particular way air units "hop" between refuelling points when travelling
distances farther than their number of movement points, and also misused
the "dangerous" tile abstraction for air units (there are no dangerous
tiles for air units! Just conditions under which the plane may crash;
this is a function of the movement points/fuel, NOT fixed tiles).
Anyway I will fix this soon, as it is very irritating.

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