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WARNING: this is the first time I code for Windows,
the first time I use a tracker system and probably the
biggest thing I've worked on.  So please be kind, I'm
willing to correct the mistakes I've made.

Patch against 2.0.8 from the download page.  From my
naive web browsing of the devel branches, the affected
file has not changed afterwards.

Line 887-888 needs _WIN32_IE defined to be >= 0x0300. 
Which is the lower version supported?  If they are to
stay, that define should be included somewhere.  I
don't know where to put it.  If it's to be in the
configure scripts, I don't even know how to do it. 
The line adds two extended styles to the listview. 
The first one extends selections to full rows, instead
of keeping them just for the first column items.  The
second one allows reordering of columns by drag and
drop.  I don't care much about HEADERDRAGDROP, I find
it just a nicety, the ordering is not remembered when
the dialog is closed.  I like FULLROWSELECT, though,
and if it is accepted I'd like to see it in other
places, like the production dialog.  Both can be wiped
without much loss, anyway.

I changed a few GetDlgItem(hWnd,ID_CITYREP_LIST) to
the global variable we have.  If this is bad practice,
please tell me.  I haven't deleted the HWND parameters
that are made superfluous with that change, though.

Some actions were limited to a maximum of 256 of the
selected cities.  I've used dinamically allocated
arrays, so now they're not.  Again, if that was a
feature, remember to say it.

When you configure the dialog to not show a column by
which you have sorted the cities, these are reordered
by a shown column in the next update of the dialog. 
In the current version the sort order is kept, so you
can show a column, sort by that column and hide it
again.  If that's the way it must be, it can be
brought back.

The implementation of get_selected_cities may lead to
memory leaks, as the caller must free an array
allocated inside.  If this is really seen as a risk,
what's the preferred interface?

There's flicker during the automatic column sizing. 
This can be solved by calculating the best size and
changing it only when appropriate.  What I do now is
to ask the column to resize itself so that all its
items fit and, if that shrinks it, restore its
previous width.

Center, popup, buy and change buttons now start
disabled (there's nothing selected).

Window size and position are remembered when it's
closed and used when opened again (though not
minimized/maximized state).

Return/doubleclick popups selected cities' dialogs.

Selection is remembered through updates.

Implemented hilite_cities_from_canvas and

Got rid of Refresh button.

I've tried to follow the coding style while leaving
untouched the parts that don't follow it in the

Oh, yes, and Courier is no more (in this dialog).

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