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Sound does not work on freeciv 2.0.1 gui-gtk-2.0 on Debian 3.1r3,
kernel 2.6.8-3-686-smp.

$ civclient -d 3 -P esd -S stdsounds
Audio File Library: '/usr/share/games/freeciv/stdsounds/foot3.ogg':
unrecognized audio file format [error 0]
1: Fout bij bufferen fragment <-1>: confirm value != samples[].id

$ file '/usr/share/games/freeciv/stdsounds/foot3.ogg'
/usr/share/games/freeciv/stdsounds/foot3.ogg: Ogg data, Vorbis audio,
mono, 11025 Hz, ~29000 bps, created by: Xiph.Org libVorbis I (1.1.0

xmms plays this file without error.

What's wrong and how do I get sound in freeciv?

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