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I'm compiling from SVN head on MinGW + MSYS, under Windows 2000.
configure.ac contains the following lines:

dnl export where the datadir is going to be installed
FC_EXPAND_DIR(FREECIV_DATADIR, "$datadir/freeciv")

if test x"$MINGW32" = xyes; then

This doesn't work when compiling under a MSYS shell.  It generates 
errors, saying "data: command not found", "/usr/local/share/freeciv: is 
a directory" and so forth.  This is because the ; is a statement 
separator under a MSYS bash shell.  It thinks 3 different commands are 
being issued.

A workaround is to eliminate the test for MINGW32:

dnl if test x"$MINGW32" = xyes; then
dnl  DEFAULT_DATA_PATH=".;data;~/.freeciv;$datadir/freeciv"
dnl else
dnl fi

Under a MSYS shell, paths are colon separated.  Windows native paths, on 
the other hand, are semicolon separated.  The problem in MinGW-land is 
that build and run shells are often not the same.  People often use MSYS 
to build and then actually run from a straight Windows command prompt.  
I don't know where Freeciv actually deals with all this logic.  Perhaps 
FC_EXPAND_DIR should be rewritten to give native drive letter and 
backslash paths?  Or perhaps it's a quoting problem, and quotes are not 
being consumed by MSYS to the amount expected.

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