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Steps to reproduce:
1) wget ftp://ftp.freeciv.org/pub/freeciv/contrib/maps/plainplain-v1-1.sav
2) civclient
3) Load the saved game "plainplain-v1-1"

Expected results:
3) game starts with the saved game

Actual results:
3) civserver dies with SIGFPE and civclient just shows the main menu window.

More info:
1) I am using freeciv 2.0.8

2) Crash seems to happen since min_goodies_per_player==0 in

0x0813b78e in create_start_positions (mode=MT_VARIABLE) at 

3) min_goodies_per_payer seems to be zero since total_goodies==0 in

in Breakpoint 1, create_start_positions (mode=MT_VARIABLE) at 

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