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Christopher Spiewak wrote:
> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=29994 >
> I have just downloaded the new beta and I know it is still in work, but 
> there were I few things I wanted to bring to you. First of all this game 
> rocks. Anyways, I started a game and saw that there was no way to move 
> the part of the map that you play on. As seen in the pic:
> Also there is a problem with the progress bar in the overview page for a 
> city.
> I hope you guys don't know about these other ways I just feel my odd 
> then I am already. And I have one request of you guys, in front of and a 
> little down there is a title bar. I like it a lot, but when trying to do 
> some thing in front of it. If there is away to turn this on and off that 
> is awesome if not could ya make one please.

What pic? Can you send screen shots? Or you can upload them directly to
the bug tracker (see the link above).


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