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> [dmarks - Wed Apr 05 22:36:48 2006]:
> I'd like to see a gui function for loading modpacks. A modpack is 
> AFAICT a combination of a tileset and a ruleset.
> A ".modpack" or ".modspec" file would contain references to the tileset 
> and ruleset to load. Selecting this from the gui would first load the 
> specified tileset, then start the server with the specified ruleset and 
> finally present a single player style pregame dialog (sans the 
> possibility to select ruleset).
> -Daniel

Update: Many modpacks have maps (.sav) instead of rulesets, since maps
can include custom rules. 

A GUI interface for loading modpacks is IMO sorely needed. Non-Linux
users are struggling with using modpacks since it involves selecting a
tileset before starting the game, something that is not possible through
the GUI as it is now.

Alternatively, the 'Local Options' dialogue should be made accessible
from the main menu.


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