Has anyone ever thought about somehow including a scripting language of some 
sort into FreeCiv?

I can imagine that being very useful.  Among other things, I can imagine:

   * writing my own macro to group moves (or anything similar)
   * writing a macro to attack using some set of tactics that I think is best 
(possibly different tactics depending on the situation)
   * writing city and build managers to use my own preferred strategies
   * even things like developing new advances in addition to the current 
technoligies--just for example, I can imagine creating a new advance 
"Terraforming" which might allow Engineers to do the "o" transformations much 
quicker--maybe I'd use a different keyboard shortcut to invoke terraforming 
when an Engineer was on the desired square--then the macro (in addition to 
things already implied) would keep track of (or recount on each turn) 
Engineer-turns and change the terrrain when the required amount of work has 
been expended

I can also imagine making FreeCiv a more educational game--the (my) city 
manager might first suggest strategies (or things to consider) to the player, 
then gradually, as the player seems to learn them (or not) offer to do those 
things for the player, and introduce more advanced concepts (like considering 
ROI and/or NPV when making decisions on what to build).

I'm sure it would not be a real easy thing to do, but I'm wondering if anyone 
else thinks it would be a useful feature?

Randy Kramer

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