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On 1/9/07, Daniel Markstedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Updated the superbarbarians patch for dev (applies to S2_1 as well) +
> adding some helptext.
> The higher levels SERIOUSLY empowers the barbs: lvl 5 gives them twice
> the manpower; lvl 6 three times!

 This needs rewrite in order to be acceptable.

 - Coding style
 - There has to be simpler way to implement this. Now it inserts
different hack values to formulas here and there. Should be more
consistent how it affects number of barbarians.
 - Setting help should not say that it gives two times or three times
the number of barbarians when math is not even close to that. For
example unleash_barbarians() gives you average of 5.5 barbarians for
normal barbarianrate values, 10.5 for barbarianrate 5 and 11 for
barbarianrate 6.

 - ML

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