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> Except for cs.po, the win32 client build was ok.

 Thanks for testing. I have now committed move_type and worklist patches.

> There were a few
> warnings from gcc about things that probably should be cleaned up at
> some point, but I don't think they have anything to do with Marko's
> patches or the patch I originally wrote.

 Patches to fix these welcome. Please open separate bugtracking ticket
for each issue. You can do that by sending email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
so that subject does not contain any PR#xxxx number.

> Finally, the nation selection window doesn't display the nation groups
> properly.  The group names are displayed oddly, (
> "?nationgroup:Ancient" for example ) and only the All group actually
> has any nations in it.  The rest are empty.

 Patches welcome. Are these bugs present in S2_1 also?

 - ML

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