Ok, here's one that might be pretty easy to reach.  :)

First, support for null treaty options.  These are things the AI doesn't know 
about and should reject every time, and they don't do anything.  This is for 
humans only.  This should be stuff like "Remove military units from 
territory", "Promises to send caravans", "Agrees to declare war on <other 

Second, a config file so server operators can add their own arbitrary null 
treaty options.

Finally, the ability to dispute a treaty.  This is the hard part.  You see, 
some of these options require humans to determine if the treaty obligations 
have been met.  So, here's what I figure.  I can look at archived treaties, 
and I can mark that the other party failed to meet their obligation.  They 
suffer reputation loss for it.  They can then dispute my dispute and assert 
they did meet their obligation, and I suffer reputation loss.  So the worst 
case in a disputed treaty is that both parties suffer reputation loss.  I 
think this is reasonable because in the end, we're talking about human 
interaction, and humans have to decide for themselves.  Another way to deal 
with it would be for the other human players to vote, and the winner regains 
his reputation loss, the loser loses some more.  Either way, it will affect 
how the ai treats the human because of the reputation loss.

That last part isn't as important, imo, as the first two things.  Those would 
add a great deal more depth to the game, and maybe without costing anything 
in terms of time to implement.  :)


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