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On Mon, 22 Jan 2007 22:14:25 +0900 Daniel Markstedt wrote:

> A Civ2 scenario comes with a .SVN and/or .SAV file that supposedly
> contains about the same data as a Freeciv .sav. The question is, has
> anybody written a program to automatically convert between these file
> formats. I know about evyscr's civ2mp2fc, but that can AFAIK only
> handle .MP (empty Civ2 maps).

We're workink on this ;) Hope to make working converter before release
of 2.1.0.

Thanks, evyscr

Deeming from the speed of beta releases lately, that seems plausible. ;)

Anyway, I have been in contact with Mercator of the Scenario League
(the creator of many a Civ2 tool) to get some advice. This is what he

"Well, the Civ2 community has found out quite a bit about the
savegame/scenario file format. At least the map, unit and city data
are well-known. There's a (slightly chaotic) document that describes
what is known of the file format, so it should be possible to write a
program that extracts all that data and converts it to whatever format
FC needs. You can find that document here:
http://www.civgaming.net/mercator/reference.html It's the top one.
It's not the most recent one, but it should be good enough. I can send
you a more recent version if necessary."


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