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On Sun, 28 Jan 2007, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
>>  This is probably the reason tiny happy cities with temples and
>> cathedrals still want to build colosseums too, leading to economic
>> disaster because of maintenance costs.
> Now I think main reason for this is that AI thinks that
> EFT_MAKE_CONTENT can fight any kind of unhappiness. It checks only
> final happiness (ppl_unhappy[4]) of the city when deciding if another
> EFT_MAKE_CONTENT building should be built. There is some unhappiness
> caused by military units. EFT_MAKE_CONTENT does not help here, since
> ppl_unhappy[2] is already zero.

Yes, this system was never intuitive. I would expect all unhappiness 
causing stuff to go first - with angry citizens turned on it would take 
quite a lot of unhappiness for some sources of unhappiness to be capped 
and unhappiness lost.

   - Per

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