This is a manually compiled changelog for S2_1 -- 13 Aug 2006 to 1 Feb
2007. Note that it is meant for consumption by causal users, so only
'major' news are listed. Please add to it if something important is

I indent to put something like this on the wiki when beta3 is released.


* Fixed client crash when number of unit types exceeds number of building types.
* Make sure that process_defender_want() always selects some unit
avoiding crash later.
* Fixed client crash when previously seen allied unit moves out of sight.
* Do not allow setting endyear earlier than current year.
* Avoid messing worklist when city cannot change production and user
tries to change order of worklist items.
* Fixed a fatal path finding bug.
* Prevent server from selecting the same nation more than once.
* Do not try to access city id from city structure after city is
freed. This fixes problem with destroyed cities not disappearing from
global observer screen.
* When land city is disbanded and sea units are moved out, don't move
units further and never disband units that were actually saved.
* Fixed a bug that prevented a sea barbarian from moving its boat.
* Fix bribe cost.
* Fix situation where plr1 thinks he is in peace with plr2 and plr2
thinks he is still in armistice with plr1.
* Bribed units retain their current fuel amount, foul status and
whether they are already paradropped.
* When player gains tech by stealing or by getting initial science
boost from traderoute, send player info to everyone who has embassy
with him.

* Added handicap to Novice difficulty level. It always considers its
cities to be in grave danger. So it invests more to (unnecessary)
defenses and less to expansion and offensive.
* Many tweaks to nations and flags.

* Fix keypad movement of units in GTK2 client.
* Major updates to SDL client.

* Added a set of technology icons that show up in the GTK2 client's
help dialog and the SDL client's research dialog.
* Improvements to Amplio tileset, including new user attention, fog
and tweaked units.
* Improved building and wonder icons.
* New diplomacy icons.

* Added Greek (el) localization.
* Many other updates to localizations.
* Tutorial is now translatable.

* Changed default port to 5556.
* Many fixes of bootstrap issues.

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