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> [dmarks - Wed Jan 31 11:39:57 2007]:
> Even with Eleazar's tweaks, I got the feeling that there were too many
> confusing colors involved! So I made my own tweak, loosely based on
> Eleazar's:
> The base color scale is reduced to two: white and yellow.
> Known techs are white; reachable techs are light grey; unrechable techs
> are dark grey (just like Eleazar's).
> Tech currently being researched is bright yellow; rechable scheduled
> techs medium dark yellow; unreachable scheduled techs dark yellow.
> This ought to make the science overview more intuitive: 'inactive' techs
> (known or not being researched) are distinguished from 'active' techs
> (being or scheduled to be researched).
>  ~Daniel

New version of the patch. Inactive techs are tan instead of grey to
blend better with the GTK theme. Scheduled techs are blue (similar to
Eleazar's) while researching tech is red (blue and red are the GTK
client attention colors).



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